ACEDS Mini MBA Financial Series
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E-Discovery and legal professionals are expected to have basic financial skills and are encouraged to understand budgeting as part of project management in order to better serve clients and our respective organizations. The ACEDS Mini MBA Financial Series is designed to provide lawyers, e-discovery and litigation support professionals a baseline of financial knowledge and skill to read, interpret and act upon financial documents. Financial literacy is a fundamental skill of the modern legal professional today, and a working knowledge of finance is imperative in meeting client expectations and practicing at the highest levels of the law.

The ACEDS Mini MBA Financial Series is taught by Reuben Advani a Yale and Wharton Business School educated financial expert, author and entrepreneur with many years of experience in finance and education. Students progress through six modules to learn everything from the basic elements of finance to advanced concepts in financial statements. Each course consists of two hours of instruction. No prerequisites are required. Although the curriculum is designed to work together, each course can be taken separately.


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The Mini MBA is also available in a live presentation format, delivered in person at your office. Law firms, corporate legal departments and service providers across the country have raved about the curriculum and Reuben Advani’s instructional skills as a vital piece of training for lawyers and other legal professionals. To learn more about financial training for your team, please download our brochure or contact us at

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The role of the legal professional in structuring transactions, negotiating deal terms and coordinating the underwriting process is ever mounting. This course provides the tools to apply and challenge most aspects of financial management.


This course will allow legal professionals to gain an understanding of the different methods of analyzing financial statements, what they are used for, and who uses them.


As accounting scandals threaten to erode confidence in corporate America, legal professionals are increasingly involved in preparing and analyzing financial statements in preparing and analyzing financial statements. From financial statement reporting to detecting fraud, this course is designed to provide an overview of accounting techniques, their relevance, and problems associated with each.


This course will allow legal professionals to recognize and appropriately address issues in corporate finance reporting and analysis.


From the basics of securities trading and issuance to more complex principles in civil litigation and market regulation, this course is designed to challenge legal professionals at all levels.


This course will help legal professionals to better understand the methodology and techniques behind various forms of valuation, from mergers and acquisitions to venture capital and real estate so they may better serve the needs of their clients.


The ACEDS Mini MBA Financial Series is designed to create proficiency and enhance aptitude and financial competence through topics including Financial Skills, Practical Skills, and New Associate Skills.

  • Firm-tailored training programs to suit your practice specialties and requirements
  • Distinguished and experienced faculty members to lead critical instruction and discussion
  • Upon course completion, team members will receive a certificate to display and validate their expertise.

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