eDiscovery Executive Certificate
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broadening your knowledge of the entire e-discovery process

The volume and variety of electronically stored information (ESI) is increasing at the same time as regulation, rules and court mandates. Internationally, eDisclosure is on the rise, and in the US, well over half of the states include an ethical mandate or suggestion of technical competence. Many legal and technical professionals understand part, but not all, of the electronic discovery process. Other new entrants need a complete foundation to support on boarding.

To avoid ethical lapses and keep with the standard of practice, legal professionals at all levels need eDiscovery Executive Certificate (eDEx) training. With the eDEx Program, legal professionals — from law students to paralegals, attorneys to IT professionals — have access to our self-paced interactive online training course and more.

This training provides the groundwork for broadening your knowledge of the entire e-discovery process, plus access to educational lectures that mirror real-world experiences.



  • Interactive Online Training
  • Lecture Series
  • Knowledge Based Final Exam
  • Physical Certificate of Completion
  • Digital Badge to share and display your knowledge
  • No degree required to earn the certificate
  • One-Year ACEDS membership included

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The eDiscovery Executive Certificate Program includes:

Interactive online training

  • 12+ hours of interactive online training that allows you to learn at your own pace
  • Up to 12 CLE credits, depending on state approval, and 12 CEDS credits
  • Topics include ethics, international discovery, project planning, budgeting, and information management
  • Courses developed by professional instructional designers following well-established industry guidelines

Lecture Series

Subjects Include:

• Ethics
• International Discovery
• Budgeting
• Project Planning
• Information Management
• Litigation Hold Implementation
• Project Management
• Data Processing
• Predictive Coding
• Document Review
• More

Earn CLE Credits:

  • Florida - 12 hours, including 1 hour on Ethics and 5 Technical credits
  • California – 10 hours, including 1 hour on Ethics
  • Texas – 10 hours, including 1 hour on Ethics
  • New Jersey – 12 hours, including 1.2 hours on Ethics
  • Illinois – 10 hours
  • Other states that allow self-reporting may recognize the program for credit as well.
  • Reciprocity from other states via the Uniform Certificate of Attendance upon request for Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, New Jersey and North Dakota.  

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