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The CEDS Online Exam Prep Seminar is the ultimate tool to guide you through all the steps of the e-discovery process and prepare you for the CEDS Certification exam. This seminar consists of three online webinar sessions. Each session will follow the CEDS Certification Exam Prep Manual and include practice questions with time allotted for live questions from attendees. The CEDS Exam Prep Seminar covers topics including project planning, litigation hold implementation, data culling, collection, review, ethics and more.  

NEXT CEDS Prep Seminar:

OCTOBER 5, 7, & 9

The CEDS Exam Prep Seminar is only accessible by those who have purchased the CEDS Certification Package.
If you have purchased the CEDS Certification Package, click here to register for the next CEDS Prep Seminar. You can view these seminars on-demand any time through your CEDS prep course under "My Courses".

If you have not purchased the CEDS Certification Package and would like to purchase the Seminar without the Certification, contact us at customerservice@ACEDS.org.

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