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ACEDS Member Chapters bring ACEDS’ global networking and learning initiative to a forum near you. Led by a board of officers, each chapter promotes e-discovery competence and professional development with colleagues at local businesses, law offices, courts and other venues who deal with the pressing career issues that electronically stored information pose. Joining one or starting your own are great ways to broaden your contacts and influence within the e-discovery community, collaborate with experts, and foster knowledge among peers who face similar challenges.

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To become a chapter member, you must be a member of ACEDS. If you are not yet a member, you may join now

Chapter Details

Local Networking
Joining an ACEDS Chapter enables you to build your professional network by attending meetings and making connections with people in your area. Our goal is to bring together those from the practitioner and provider side in a single community where you can identify and address the unique local and regional issues of the e-discovery profession.

In addition to attending conferences and webinars offered at the national level, it is important to gather together for regional education. ACEDS Chapters gives members the benefit of in-person educational opportunities and can often times address issues and considerations that are unique to the jurisdiction of the chapter.

There’s no better way to gather together and give back to a common cause in your local communities as an industry group than through your local ACEDS Chapter.

Career Advancement and Support
Local chapters often are the best places to find talent and to share information about open positions in your region. Also, whether you want to get feedback on a unique issue you’re facing or are interested in learning new ways to enhance your own skills, you’ll have access to a network of industry professionals who you can go to for support.
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