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3 Key Ways To Protect Your IP

Thursday, November 16, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Extract from Doug Kaminski's article "3 Key Ways To Protect Your IP"

The development of the Internet of Things has allowed businesses across the globe to expand in new and exciting ways. We can share our thoughts, ideas, and even secrets, freely across channels, servers, and file shares. This type of total freedom also disinhibits nefarious third parties, intent on stealing what you have, what you know, and what you care about the most.

According to a 2017 PwC survey of 10,000 executives, 45 percent of respondents at companies that had a cyber incident reported that stolen intellectual property had a direct impact on their businessa significant increase over previous years. Whether that’s trade secrets, industrial designs, credit card information, or proprietary data, the threat of having your intellectual property stolen is very real and should be a cause of concern for any business leader. It does damage to both your bottom line and your reputation.

In the e-discovery field, handling sensitive and sometimes classified client data is an inherent part of the business. Security threats regarding this data are more nuanced and more sophisticated than ever before. Internally, you need to be aware of things like malicious insiders or if an ex-employee goes rogue and takes your IP to a competitor. Externally, you need to be aware of the ever-present threats of phishing, malware, and foreign state actors that can bring down your servers, jeopardizing the IP of your business and your client’s business.

It takes a village, and an entire e-discovery toolkit, to employ secure information governance policies that protect your IP.

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