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Evaluating Potential Service Providers – Program Management Series, Part 5

Monday, November 13, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Evaluating Potential Service Providers – Program Management Series, Part 5

A multi-part series on eDiscovery program management issues facing serial litigants, including readiness, resources, service providers, metrics, and more

by Matthew Verga, JD, Xact Data Discovery


In the first Part of this series, we reviewed the concept of program management (as distinguished from project management) and discussed its potential cost and risk reduction benefits.  In the second Part, we discussed the evaluation and improvement of organizational litigation readiness.  In the third Part, we discussed how to evaluate your existing needs and resources.  In the fourth Part, we discussed the available solution models.  In this Part, we continue our review with a look at the evaluation of eDiscovery service providers.

Evaluating Potential Service Providers

When we speak in this context of evaluating service providers, we are not speaking of the rush to find a service provider for an immediate project need.  Rather, we are speaking of the proactive evaluation of service providers for the establishment of ongoing relationships, whether as a preferred provider, a managed services provider, or a total process outsourcing provider.

This is generally accomplished through a Request for Information (“RFI”) process in which a service buyer collects desired information from a group of potential service providers in an organized way to facilitate comparison.  RFI is sometimes used interchangeably with RFP (“Request for Proposal”), which would be used to request bids for the completion of specified work (usually on an individual project).  Having already made an effort to evaluate your existing needs and resources and to consider the available solution models makes it possible for you to craft an effective RFI focused on your organization’s specific needs and preferences.

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