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Volume Estimation and Downstream Planning – Measure Twice Series, Part 5

Wednesday, July 12, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: ACEDS Marketing Team
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Volume Estimation and Downstream Planning – Measure Twice Series, Part 5
By Matthew Verga, JD, Xact Data Discovery 

A multi-part series on the technical and legal challenges raised by the involvement of social media sources and data in electronic discovery and how to overcome them

In the first Part of this series, we reviewed the value of preparation, planning, and checklists, as well as the evolving challenges and expectations associated with eDiscovery project planning.  In the second Part, we discussed the initial eDiscovery project scoping steps you must take.  In the third Part and fourth Part, we discussed some of the investigative steps that can follow, including targeted interviews, reactive data mapping, surveying, and sampling.  In this Part, we turn our attention to volume estimation and cost estimation.

How Much Is a Lot?

Once you have completed your initial planning and completed your investigation activities to validate and flesh out your initial assumptions, you should be equipped with enough information to proceed to estimations of project volumes and potential costs.  At a minimum, you need a reasonably accurate count of:

  • Custodians requiring collection
  • Devices per custodian requiring collection
  • Mailboxes and network shares requiring collection
  • Enterprise or departmental systems requiring collection

Backup tapes or other loose media requiring collectionYou should also have some sense of how large each category of sources is (i.e., laptop size, mailbox size, etc.) and how broadly you expect to have to collect (i.e., full images vs. logical images vs. pre-filtered collections/exports).  With this information, making an educated guess as to your initial collected volume becomes simple math:

Custodians x (Sum of Issued Devices’ Typical Sizes)

+ Mailboxes x Typical Size
+ Network Shares x Typical Size
+ Sum of Enterprise and Departmental Systems’ Sizes
+ Backup Tapes/Storage Media x Tape/Media Sizes
= Approximate Total ESI Volume to Collect

Once you have this number, you will need to make some additional assumptions and adjustments to project your likely downstream volumes.

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