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ACEDS and ESI Roundtable, leading community-based CLE group, join forces

Thursday, May 2, 2013   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Emily Mermell
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Mathew Baum
Executive Vice President

ACEDS and ESI Roundtable, leading community-based CLE group, join forces to broaden e-discovery competence and training

Miami – The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) today announced that it has partnered with ESI Roundtable, a top training organization, to expand e-discovery learning and networking opportunities to legal and business professionals nationwide.

The organizations have agreed to extend preferred pricing on products, services, events and other benefits to each other’s members and affiliates. As part of the partnership, ACEDS will be active in promoting ESI Roundtable’s roving CLE events, including its upcoming Meet-and-Confer Networking reception on May 21 in Miami. ESI Roundtable members who register to obtain the CEDS credential will receive a 10 percent discount. Other proceeds of certification purchases will help fund ESI Roundtable’s educational mission.

The group, which is led by Melissa Rogozinski, a veteran litigation paralegal in Birmingham, Alabama, was founded in 2009 to engage local judges and attorneys in collaborative, volunteer-based e-discovery training. Its success in Birmingham has led to other chapters in Atlanta, Boston, Tampa and other major US cities.

The purpose of ESI Roundtable is to develop and promote education about electronically stored information to legal and business communities; provide a gateway for e-discovery collaboration; and reduce adversity in the increasingly thorny field. Its esteemed Advisory Board includes top US lawyers and executives at top corporations, including Deloitte and the metals giant, O’Neal Industries.

“ACEDS and ESI Roundtable share a common passion for e-discovery education of our legal and business communities,” Rogozinski said. “Together, we can bring the best education, resources and service providers to those who need us the most at local, national and international levels. It is the greatest privilege and honor of my career to serve these communities through ESI Roundtable, and now ACEDS.”

Robert Hilson, ACEDS Editorial Director, added, “The leaders of ESI Roundtable and ACEDS are kindred spirits when it comes to pursuing e-discovery competence through knowledge and networking.”

“This is an easy fit for our organizations, and a great opportunity to grow together,” he said.


ACEDS is an international membership organization for private and public sector persons in law, litigation support, technology, and records management, and others who face e-discovery in their work. ACEDS awards the Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) credential to eligible candidates who pass a rigorous proctored examination that they can take at 600 secure ACEDS-Kryterion Testing Centers worldwide. It has CEDS professionals on four continents, and also offers live and online training, specialized information and community and network-building events. To contact ACEDS, please email Robert Hilson at

About ESI Roundtable

In an industry based on adversity, the ESI Roundtable is the gateway of Community, Cooperation and CLEs for local law firms and business professionals attempting to navigate the Rules of Civil Procedure they relates to ESI and apply that knowledge to their law practices and business operations. It is a joint venture of local judges and lawyers who volunteer their time and resources to lead their own legal and business communities through education, panel discussions and targeted networking.

Led by the Founder and President of ESI Roundtable LLC and in conjunction with the City Liaison and local ESI Roundtable, members of the legal and business community are presented with a variety of educational programs on timely, e-discovery related topics. Also, throughout the six-program, annual series, the local community will be introduced to an elite group of e-discovery service providers to assist them with their outsourced needs. This forum provides a discreet setting for vetting out providers according to service needs without a high pressure sales pitch. Service providers also benefit when they purchase the exclusive rights to programs throughout the year and in various cities without competition from other e-discovery service providers at the same event. To contact ESI Roundtable, please email Melissa Rogozinski at

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