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Onna: What Is Information Governance and Why Is It So Important?

Thursday, September 10, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Extract from Onna's article "What Is Information Governance and Why Is It So Important?"

Everything we do online, including every digital interaction between businesses and their customers, leaves an auditable trail of data. Sometimes, this data is highly sensitive and needs appropriate security and privacy controls in place to keep it safe from the rising tide of cybercrime. But while a lot of data admittedly has no value, a huge amount of potentially useful data remains underutilized. Also, the overwhelming majority of data exists in an unstructured form and is ungoverned, simply being generated by our everyday activities before being forgotten about.

Data overload is real, and it’s one of the biggest challenges facing today’s organizations. Our collective digital activities have now generated almost 60 zettabytes of data, a figure that’s expected to reach 149 over the next four years. In small businesses, data typically exists in the dozens of terabytes, while many larger enterprises have already reached the petabyte scale. These amounts are expected to only increase over the years to come. 

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