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Brad Harris, Hanzo: Think You Don’t Need to Preserve Slack Data for Discovery? Think Again

Wednesday, September 2, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Extract from Brad Harris's article "Think You Don’t Need to Preserve Slack Data for Discovery? Think Again"

Remember the story that the Verge broke a few years ago—aka December 2019—about Steph Korey, the Away CEO who stepped down after former employees claimed that she created a “toxic work culture” through Slack messages?

Away, as it turned out, used the collaboration application Slack for most of its internal communications. The Verge story reported that Away had policies forbidding employees from using email and strongly discouraging the use of private channels or direct messages within Slack. As a result, the whole incident revolved around what Korey said to Away’s customer service teams through Slack messages on the company’s public channels. 

But it’s not hard to imagine the facts here unfolding slightly differently. Take a walk with me as we explore a hypothetical possibility. 

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