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Frank Ready: New ALSP ETRM Group Launches Cybersecurity Service Focused E-Discovery, Info Governance

Wednesday, September 2, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Extract from Frank Ready's article "New ALSP ETRM Group Launches Cybersecurity Service Focused E-Discovery, Info Governance"

The ranks of ALSPs in the legal market have officially grown by one. Empire Technologies Risk Management Group (ETRM) announced on Tuesday that it had launched new cybersecurity-centric services devoted to e-discovery and information governance.

According to Kenya Dixon, general counsel and COO of the ETRM Group, the new service will focus on helping law firms, companies or even government agencies implement secure infrastructures for hosting legal data. ETRM Group will “also [be] serving as consultants in much of the industry as they try to figure out which vendors to hire, try to figure out who to hire, to figure out how much the budget should be,” she added.

Dixon, who previously served as director of White House information governance in the Trump Administration and assistant director of the division of litigation technology and analysis with the Federal Trade Commission under the Obama Administration, positioned ETRM Group as an alternative for organizations who may otherwise be forced to build their information workflows from scratch.

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