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Jennifer Bantelman, Zapproved: Hands-On Advice for Creating Effective Legal Holds

Thursday, August 13, 2020   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Deja Miller
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Extract from Jennifer Bantelman's article "Hands-On Advice for Creating Effective Legal Holds"

Setting Up Legal Hold Success
One of the major buzzword topics in corporate legal right now is innovation. And I get we all love to be innovative and improve our jobs, our companies, and ourselves. Too often though, we look to be innovative in some areas, while holding onto the past or avoiding updating our legacy systems and processes in others.

One of the most common areas I still see this happen in is legal hold notification. Sure, gone are the days of posting a legal hold notice onto an employee board or intranet and hoping people will read it. And while it’s a near certainty that you are issuing legal hold notices to specific, potentially relevant custodians using email, there is a lot to consider in the legal hold process. For example, you might not be sure if you’re doing it right. Or perhaps you haven’t revisited your legal holds in a few years.

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