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Heather Mahalik, Cellebrite: Security Research For Mobile Devices

Thursday, August 6, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Extract from Heather Mahalik's article "Security Research For Mobile Devices"

Special guest: Christopher Crowley, Consultant at Montance® LLC

Mobile devices and their behaviors are a mystery to most people. They work, they’re useful, but we occasionally hear about a “security researcher” who discovers some undesirable behavior. That security research could be you.

Christopher doesn’t primarily focus on forensic analysis, even though this is a part of his activities. He focuses more on the risk aspect of mobile devices and alerts organizations about vulnerabilities. Sometimes this becomes a forensic consideration.

For example, when Christopher was working for the Department of Energy in the US 15 years ago, concerns were starting to be raised over iPads that were being introduced into the work environment. The specific question raised was: “If certain sensitive information were stored on an iPad, what sort of a risk would there be of that information becoming exposed if someone stole the device?”

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