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Relativity: Adapt and Thrive in a New Normal: Improv Tips from Blair Heidenreich

Wednesday, July 29, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Extract from Blair Heidenreich's article "Adapt and Thrive in a New Normal: Improv Tips from Blair Heidenreich"

The new normal we are facing is—let’s just say it—weird. Driven to remote work by the COVID-19 crisis, I can’t turn over my shoulder and quickly ask a colleague for her input or grab coffee with a friend.

I actually miss the meetings that could have been emails.

Despite the weirdness, many of us are adapting to this change—which, for some, has no end in sight—and eyeing new and even more productive ways to work. Several Relativity community members shared how they are adjusting to remote working and how the community has banded together in this crisis. 

It’s not always easy; jokes aren‘t hitting as well on Zoom as they may in person. But I have taken a page out of my improv playbook to learn how to help my teammates and me adapt to this new environment. Check out this video (recorded pre-pandemic) for insights on how improv influences my everyday work, and tips for how to creatively adapt to today’s circumstances below.

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