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Hart-Scott-Rodino Pre-Merger Notification Program: Updated Report, Guidelines, & HaystackID Support

Wednesday, July 22, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Extract from HaystackID's article "Hart-Scott-Rodino Pre-Merger Notification Program: Updated Report, Guidelines, and HaystackID Support"

Editor’s Note: During the fiscal year of 2019, 2,089 companies notified the Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department’s Antitrust Division as part of the Hart-Scott-Rodino Premerger Notification Program. These transactions were spread out over key industry groups including:

Industry Groups and Percentage of Overall Notification Transactions

+ Consumer Goods and Services (30.5%)
+ Manufacturing (13.2%)
+ Banking and Insurance (9.8%)
+ Information Technology (8.7%)
+ Energy and Natural Resources (6.1%)
+ Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (4.9%)
+ Health Services (3.4%)
+ Transportation (3.2%)
+ Other (20.2%)

Of these notifications, 2,030 were identified as candidates for Second Requests and only 3% of these Second Request candidates resulted in merger investigations and corresponding Second Requests.

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