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Zach Warren, Legaltech News: A Legal Tech Founder's Perspective on Returning to a Central Office

Wednesday, June 17, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Extract from Zach Warren's article "A Legal Tech Founder's Perspective on Returning to a Central Office"

Editor’s Note: This is an excerpt from the Reinventing Professionals podcast, hosted by legal tech speaker and consultant Ari Kaplan, provided to Legaltech News. 

Ari Kaplan: Tell us about your background and the genesis of both Loom and eDecree.

Mona Datt: I graduated from university with an engineering degree in 2000 and worked as an engineer until 2006. By then, I had started a couple of companies and kept shutting them down because I just couldn’t take the plunge. After I got married, I decided that I was finally going to start a company and stick to it so I created a transcription company, which provides dictation support to law firms in Canada. It was a way for me to really learn how to run a business because as an engineer, I had never done sales or built a company from scratch.

Back in 2006, the market was not ready for outsourcing dictation, at least not in Canada, because the law firms wanted their personal assistants to complete that task. We did, however, begin receiving requests for transcription from court reporting companies performing depositions and discovery matters. So, we started to approach court reporting firms in Canada and in the U.S. about electronic transcription and began receiving electronic recordings on tape.

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