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Introducing Ipro’s Legal Technology Comic Strip “eDiscovery Blues” (Communication Breakdown Edition)

Friday, May 22, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Ipro Tech

Extract from Jim Gill's article "Introducing Ipro’s Legal Technology Comic Strip “eDiscovery Blues” (Communication Breakdown Edition):

I’ve said before that a sense of humor isn’t necessary in eDiscovery, but it sure helps. Which is why Ipro has created our own comic strip, eDiscovery Blues™.

Today’s strip features our hero, eDiscovery Manager Rick Compliance, facing communication challenges with his IT Dept.

There is no denying that communication (or the lack thereof) can be an obstacle when it comes to reaching objectives. One main issue for Corporate Legal Teams is that so many of the stakeholders involved with the legal department communicate in very different ways.

Check out the comic here


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