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Joe Bartolo, Knovos: Experts Weigh in on the ‘New Normal’ of Working During the Pandemic

Friday, May 1, 2020   (0 Comments)
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Extract from Joe Bartolo's article "Experts Weigh in on the ‘New Normal’ of Working During the Pandemic"

In these uncertain times, where health concerns are our most pressing challenge, there still must remain a focus on business-related concerns. Travel restrictions caused by the health crisis are affecting the performance of a business, with remote technologies required at a level never previously anticipated.

While these technologies support the ability of many of us to work and collaborate remotely, legal departments, law firms, and government agencies must ensure continued compliance with records retention requirements, data privacy laws (like CCPA – California Consumer Privacy Act and GDPR), and other operational regulations. Also, remote technologies used to share business information could be subject to discovery requests in civil litigation, requiring legal professionals to maintain easy access to their data.

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