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Sundhar Rajan, Casepoint: Are You Moving Data Too Much? How to Protect Critical Client Data

Thursday, September 26, 2019   (0 Comments)
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Extract from Sundhar Rajan's article "Are You Moving Data Too Much? How to Protect Critical Client Data"

Movement of data is difficult to avoid in today’s legal world. In the discovery stage of litigation, for example, a common scenario goes something like this: A client collects data via their in-house IT team or through a third party forensic collections vendor. The collected data is delivered to a law firm. The law firm outsources the data processing to a third-party vendor or processes the data in-house utilizing data processing software. The processed data is then moved into a review platform, either in-house or with a third-party vendor via their public or private cloud. Then, after the data has been initially culled, analyzed and organized, it is temporarily moved out of the review platform into yet another software program to leverage advanced analytics, data visualization, communications graphing, artificial intelligence and tools like technology assisted review. 

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