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First Paralegal Practitioners in Utah are Expected to be Licensed in 2019

Wednesday, August 8, 2018   (0 Comments)
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Extract from Debra Cassens Weiss' article "First paralegal practitioners in Utah are expected to be licensed in 2019" 

The first paralegal practitioners in Utah are expected to be licensed in 2019, making the state the second to license nonlawyers to practice law.

New rules regulating paralegal practitioners are set to take effect Nov. 1, LawSites reports. They will allow law practice without a lawyer’s supervision in three areas, though courtroom appearances won’t be allowed, They are:

  • Cases involving temporary separation, divorce, parentage, cohabitant abuse, civil stalking, custody and support, and name change.
  • Cases involving forcible entry and detainer.
  • Debt collection matters in which the dollar amount in issue does not exceed the statutory limit for small claims cases.

Licensed paralegal practitioners will be allowed to help clients choose, fill out, file and complete service of legal forms; review and explain court orders or another party’s documents; advocate for a client in a mediation; and complete settlement agreements after a negotiation.

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