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A Supercomputer in Every Pocket – Mobile Device Discovery Series, Part 1

Friday, September 15, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Mary Mack
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A Supercomputer in Every Pocket – Mobile Device Discovery Series, Part 1

A multi-part series on the logistical, technical, and legal challenges posed by the proliferation and popularity of smartphones and tablets

by Matthew Verga, JD, Xact Data Discovery


When the ENIAC computer was dedicated in 1946, it required 18,000 vacuum tubes, weighed over 30 tons filling more than 1,500 square feet, and cost more than $6,000,000 (inflation adjusted to 2016).  In 1996, a team of engineering students recreated ENIAC on a single 8mm x 8mm chip using modern transistors – and it was still 20 times faster than its namesake.  Today, the average smartphone “has more computing power than all of NASA when it put the first men on the moon in 1969.”

And, the vast majority of your key players and other custodians will have one in their pocket. 

Ubiquity and Usage
Smartphones are owned by more than 198 million people in the United States, and 65% of all minutes spent on digital devices in the U.S. are spent on smartphones or tablets rather than desktop or laptop computers.  Globally, 25% of Internet users only use the Internet via mobile, and that percentage is growing year-over-year.

In the United States, 50% of all digital minutes are spent in smartphone apps, with those between 18 and 24 years of age spending 66% - more than 3 hours per day.    Social media and instant messaging are the leading uses, accounting for 21% of all mobile usage minutes in the U.S.  Social media and communication applications all dominate the list of top U.S. apps:

  • #1 App – Facebook, 81% market penetration
  • #3 App – Facebook messenger, 68% market penetration
  • #6 App – Instagram, 50% market penetration
  • #7 App – Snapchat, 50% market penetration

Additionally, at least 93% of smartphone users use text messaging for communication.

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