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CEDS Community Opens its Heart to Survivors of Natural Disasters

Thursday, September 7, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Many people within our ACEDS Community are determined to take action and help those affected by the recent storms. Read the many different ways to help and/or donate below: 

Paws for the Harvey Cause by Michael Kroeber

As we all know, Hurricane Harvey devasted the Houston area, causing tens of thousands of people to lose everything they owned.  One thing that has been especially heartbreaking to us are the thousands of pets and animals who were lost or abandoned in the aftermath of the storm. Many of them have ended up in shelters in around Houston.  So many wonderful people, companies and organizations are doing what they can to help & Bailey and Charlie would like to join these efforts!

We are planning to help in two ways:

The FIRST is by raising money with this Go Fund  Me page, to buy supplies, food, bedding, toys etc. for the shelters that are housing the pets that have been displaced.  Our family is driving to Houston and will be delivering them in person the week of Sept. 24th.

The SECOND is by making Therapy Dog visits (while we are in Houston)  to places serving as shelters for the people still displaced.  Bailey did a similar thing after Hurricane Sandy here in NY and both the adults and children were comforted and temporarily distracted by our visits. We see firsthand the positive power that pet therapy has on the children we visit in our local hospital and we are hoping to be able to do the same for the victims of Harvey.  Therapy dogs have been shown to reduce stress, blood pressure and anxiety, and if there is any group of people that need that now, it's the people of Houston affected by this disaster!

Any donation you can make would be greatly appreciated!  Since we will be there in person, we will make sure that 100% of your donations go directly to those places that need it most.  A 50 pound bag of kibble can cost about $25 and feed about 100 dogs for a day.  If you think about how many pets are in need of just food, for what may be weeks or months, the amount of need can be staggering. We will start to buy food and supplies the week of the 18th and continue to take donations through the end of the 29th. Whatever funds are left will be donated to the Houston Humane Society.

Please help Bailey and Charlie lend their paws for this very worthy cause!

Read More and Donate Here

Hurricane Harvey Baby Relief by Jean Rivers

My name is Jean Rivers and I live in Pearland, Texas which was recently hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Whenever disaster or tragedy strikes I always think about people with small babies, especially now that I have an infant of my own. The babies are vulnerable and have needs that must be met. Monies from this fundraiser will be used to purchase formula, pampers, wipes, pajamas and general items to meet baby needs. Items will be distributed to facilities hosting families with babies in need that have been hit by Hurricane Harvey. 
Read More and Donate Here

The Houston Life Preservers Project by Life Preservers, Inc.

Life Preservers Project is helping to raise funds for the city of Houston. We will be accepting donations for victims that have been affected by the recent floods due to Hurricane Harvey. Donations will be sent to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund established by Houston's Mayor Sylvester Turner. 
Read More and Donate Here

If You’ve Been Affected by the Recent Storms, CloudNine Wants to Help
As Craig Ball noted in his recent blog post regarding the disaster in Houston, the loss of property for law firms and other organizations extends to digital devices and media and potential loss of data on that media.  When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans years ago, Tom O’Connor coordinated an effort to help firms in that area and others (such as Craig and Rob Robinson) assisted in that effort. Both Tom and Craig have discussed plans to undertake a similar effort to help those affected this time and I will certainly be happy to help in any way I can, including to help get the word out as more information is known about that effort.

Recovering the data is one challenge (and several organizations are offering to help there), recovering an organization’s IT infrastructure is another.  Many firms will have to replace workstations, servers and networks.  Doing so won’t be cheap and may not happen overnight. With that in mind, CloudNine is offering to host data for firms and organizations affected by the recent hurricanes for FREE for up to six months to enable those firms and organizations to be able to access that data while they rebuild.  If your organization has been affected by these storms and you need the ability to access your data for a period of time while you rebuild, or to save costs in hosting for a case so that you can apply those savings to rebuilding your infrastructure, CloudNine can help.

To learn more, please contact us at and mention the FREE six month hosting offer. And, if you’re interested in helping those affected by the hurricanes, here are a couple of resources to do that:

  • Houston Texans football player J.J. Watt has established the Houston Flood Relief Fund for victims of Hurricane Harvey, which is (as of Monday morning) up over $31 million in donations. To donate, click here
  • Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner has also established the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, which accepts donations for flood relief victims. The organization will accept checks, money orders, bank wire transfers, stock, corporate bonds and other marketable securities. For donation instructions, click here
  • GlobalGiving’s Irma Relief Fund is accepting donations here. It vets the local organizations it helps fund and, according to The New York Times, is well-regarded by charity watchdogs.

Read and learn more here

Kroll Ontrack - Ready to Recover Data for Harvey Victims
The employees of Kroll Ontrack want to assist Houston residents in the recovery of this critical and personal information, such as records, and family photographs. Kroll Ontrack has a long and successful history in helping victims of natural disasters and we want to help those in need.

Data recovery specialists will be offering in-person consultations and evaluations of damaged media. For information, visit the company's web site or call 800-872-2599. The company's Karen Pruitt in Houston can be reached at 713-857-2923.

Read and learn more here

Women in eDiscovery and ACEDS NY Chapter Host Little Black Dress Party/Fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey Victims
On September 27th, we invite you to put on your favorite little black dress (optional) and join us for a donation drive/evening of conversation. Houston shelters and Hurricane Harvey victims are desperately in need of undergarments. Sugar Cookies Boutique has kindly offered to provide a 15% off discount on all merchandise purchased this evening. You can purchase lingerie to donate and/or bring donations. Donated items will be distributed between the YWCA Houston chapter and I Support the Girls.

Read and learn more here

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