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The Need of the Hour - Technology Training in Law Schools

Thursday, August 31, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: ACEDS Marketing Team
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Extract from Vijayta Sharma's article "The Need of the Hour - Technology Training in Law Schools"

Technology in legal industry
The rapid increase of the legal tech startup is modernizing the business of law. A conservative legal industry is currently undergoing the turmoil of a cultural shift from an all paper work environment to the digitization of legal processes. Most law firms, corporates, and courtrooms are embracing technology through CLM tools, compliance tool, word processing, e-case management, e-billing, legal research, e-filing trademarks and patents, database software tracking of developments and basic document management. The legal industry has been imbued with the ever evolving Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing. Currently, social media is filled with passionate debates over technology replacing lawyers. 

Lawyers vs. technology
As the Lawyers increasingly face the pressure to deliver more value to clients, they are proactively adopting technology to help improve efficiency. As a lawyer and technology influencer, I have spent significant time exploring the application of technology required for legal services. There is no doubt that automation can reduce the burden and improve legal service delivery in a significant way by easily replacing certain traditional work however at the same time we must realize that technology cannot entirely replace the lawyer’s contribution in legal services. Right from the stage where a lawyer evaluates the technology to find the right fit for their existing legal workflow/processes to matured analysis and opinion work, a lawyer presence is imperative. E-Discovery is one of the most matured technology shops in the legal industry. SME being an essential part of TAR (Technology Assisted Review) affirms the importance of lawyer in e-Discovery till date.

To secure our space in the legal sector we need to differentiate the areas that can be successfully replaced by technology and areas that still require skilled lawyers. For an instance, AI enables lawyers to access much better data than they had been in the past but it cannot substitute the art of negotiation and built-in trusted relationship with clients, therefore, it is essential that we identify the ways of bringing together lawyer and technology.

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