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Las Vegas: Plenty of Room at the Hotel Nevada – Any Time of Year You Can Find It Here

Thursday, August 31, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: ACEDS Marketing Team
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Extract from Chris Dale's article "Las Vegas: Plenty of Room at the Hotel Nevada – Any Time of Year You Can Find It Here"

It sounds exotic, doesn’t it? People politely ask where you are going. “Las Vegas” you say, and they give knowing looks. The name calls up images of cigar smoke curling over green tables attended by lightly-clad beauties, of days of gluttony and nights of debauchery, and of some serious shopping in the moments not spent lounging by the pool with uninhibited wantons.

The image persists because that is exactly what you could do in Las Vegas if you chose to, and if you had the money to burn. I’ve been there once or twice a year for the past decade but my vices are on the modest side. The amount I eat there would be counted gluttonous by some (there are some very good restaurants); I did once buy a jacket there but that had nothing much to do with being in Las Vegas – it was made in Slovenia by those Germans who used to make Hitler’s uniforms, and I only went shopping because it was one of those rare occasions when I, my wife, and some decent shops were all in the same place. The gambling, the lovelies, the debauchery and the pools are not for me.

That is partly because these things don’t much appeal anyway, and partly because I am always there to attend a conference which means hard work. It is partly also because the glitz rubs off pretty quickly when you look closely.

The genuine high-rollers are shut away in private suites, and the players you see are mostly depressed-looking people pouring their cash into machines which are designed to rook them, and do; we once overheard a woman trying to persuade her bank to advance enough money to get her home having (we guessed) placed her last dollar on the hope of riches.

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