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Revenue Expansion or Erosion? eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey Results – Summer 2017

Wednesday, August 2, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: ACEDS Marketing Team
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Extract from ComplexDiscovery

The eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey
The eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey is a non-scientific quarterly survey designed to provide insight into the business confidence level of individuals working in the eDiscovery ecosystem.The survey consists of nine multiple choice questions focused on factors related to the creation, delivery, and consumption of eDiscovery products and services. The survey is open to legal, business, and information technology professionals operating in the eDiscovery ecosystem and individuals are invited to participate via the ComplexDiscovery blog, via social media, and via direct email invitations.

Initiated in January 2016, to date the survey has been administered seven times with 742 individual responses.

Summer 2017 Survey Results
The Summer 2017 Survey response period was initiated on July 6, 2017, and continued until registration of approximately 100 responses (July 31, 2017). This limiting of responders to approximately 100 individuals is designed to create linearity in the number of responses and ease the administration for each quarterly survey.

While individual answers to the survey are confidential, the aggregate results are published without commentary below to highlight the business confidence level of participants regarding economic factors impacting the creation, delivery, and consumption of eDiscovery products and services during the Summer of 2017.

To view the published unfiltered results of the Summer Survey on the ComplexDiscovery Blog, click here

To view an XLS spreadsheet with a detailed overview of the results of every survey administered to date (seven quarters of data), click here
This spreadsheet may be beneficial for comparing and contrasting responses over time and we hope it helps you in your understanding, planning, and consideration of the business of eDiscovery.




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