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Challenge the CEDS Exam

Wednesday, July 26, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Mary Mack
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Challenge the CEDS Exam 

ACEDS recognizes that our e-discovery community has practitioners who have done it all, from Information Governance through Trial Presentation.  Many of us keep up with cases and rules on a daily basis.  For those who are as experienced on the left side of the EDRM as the right side, ACEDS is offering the opportunity to challenge the exam without additional ACEDS study materials at a much lower rate.

Members of CLOC, LPTI, the Sedona Conference, EDI, EDRM and those who have been fortunate to have instructors like Ralph Losey, Mike Arkfeld and Bill Hamilton may find that their project work and education has prepared them to sit for the exam, along with their hard won, hands on experience.

The CEDS exam is scenario based. If you are the go-to person on your team who thinks through every thorny situation that comes up, or who generates the alternatives depending on cost, risk and time, you may be a candidate to challenge the exam.

Who should not consider this offer without other educational options:
Many candidates hail from the corporate world, and have deep knowledge and experience in legal hold, information governance, budgeting and collection.  Some of those candidates are experienced in sending data out for processing, review and production but have not lived the process on the right side of the EDRM.

Other candidates hail from the law firm, and are experienced on the review side, and not on the collection and identification aspects.  Still others are analysts, seeing only a part of the process.

Candidates with only classroom knowledge will likely not score well.  Experienced candidates or attorneys who do not want to "touch the technology" also do not score well. Candidates who are very experienced in IT, but not the legal vertical will not score well.

If you are in this situation, please consider a package that includes the CEDS Certification Course or an end-to-end educational offering from another provider before challenging the exam. Find a mentor, or ask if you can ride along on a project so you are able to visualize the situations that can come up, and how experienced practitioners approach the challenges.

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