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CEDS Spotlight: Konstantin von Reden-Lütcken

Tuesday, July 25, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Mary Mack
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Konstantin von Reden-Lütcken

Attorney at law, MBA
Managing Director at SilverScreen Associates GmbH – Legal Pros 

1. Why did you elect to go through ACEDS training and become a Certified eDiscovery Specialist (CEDS)?

KRL: I wanted to get an overall picture on the process of E-Discovery, which is a new in Germany. It is a growing market and I sought some kind of qualification. After some research and talking to more experienced professionals from the US and Great Britain, ACEDS was pointed out to me. My first impression on ACEDS and the education-material was very good and I can only advise anyone interested in the market of E-Forensics and E-Discovery to get educated through ACEDS.

2. Are you seeing a lot of people looking for eDiscovery education in Germany?

KRL: As E-Discovery is new in Germany and the processes and projects, which are being operated at the present are being managed by American or English professionals, German lawyers to not yet see the advantage of getting educated in this special field. But this will develop and the necessity to build expert-knowledge will be recognized.

3. How has the training /certification helped you?

KRL: The training with ACEDS has helped me to gaining a profound overall understanding of the process of E-Discovery. The certification will help me to being able to demonstrate to potential clients that I do have some expertise in this field. Particularly as the new anti-kartel-law (GWG) in Germany for the first time introduces something similar to the rules stated in the FRCP relating to discovery, this matter should develop in the near future.

4. How did you decide to start Legal-Eye/Legal Pros?

KRL: On the one hand I understood the opportunities for legal professionals to working in a new and interesting field and to being able to organize their professional lives on a project by project basis and thus gaining independence and liberty the typical daily hustle of attorneys with clients and particularly their willingness and ability to pay for valuable services. On the other hand I understood that there will be a growing need for corporations to engage legal professionals to conduct e-discovery projects, particularly document reviews and other legal-outsourcing-projects. So the best tool to match the crossing interests was to establish a matching-platform through which companies including law firms and audit firms, may staff their document review projects by searching for qualified contract attorneys. One particularly interesting and growing market within this matter should be foreign language qualified contract attorneys as more and more international projects need to be staffed. This is where LEGAL PROS will step in and help both parties, contract attorneys and project-initiators.

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