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Judge Rules Pacemaker Data Can Be Used Against Defendant

Wednesday, July 19, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: ACEDS Marketing Team
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Extract from Chris Matyszczyk's article "Judge Rules Pacemaker Data Can Be Used Against Defendant" posted on Cnet

Ross Compton's house caught fire.

Authorities suspect Compton, 59, started the blaze deliberately. After what some might think was an unusually thorough investigation, prosecutors issued an indictment for aggravated arson and insurance fraud in January. 

In May, Compton's lawyer moved to have the court suppress any evidence obtained in a search he deemed illegal. It so happened, you see, that authorities had obtained data from Compton's pacemaker.

On Tuesday, however, a Butler County, Ohio, judge decided the pacemaker evidence can be presented at trial. 

The local Journal-News reports that police obtained the data from Compton's artificial heart implant and asked a cardiologist to examine whether it offered data consistent with Compton's telling of events. 

Compton has said the fire woke him up, that he packed some belongings into a suitcase, broke a window with his cane and threw the luggage outside. Then, he left the house, picked up the bags and went to his car.

The cardiologist concluded that a comparison of his heart rate, his cardiac rhythms and the demands placed on his pacer were inconsistent with that story.


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