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Friday, June 30, 2017   (0 Comments)
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Tim Raudabaugh, CEDS

Senior E-Discovery Specialist at Cohen Seglias Pallas Greenhall & Furman PC, Philadelphia


Tell us a bit about your position and responsibilities.

As a senior e-Discovery specialist and the only such specialist in our firm,  my primary responsibilities are data-related including activities such as deposition, arbitration  and trial preparation from an e-Discovery perspective.  We rarely use vendors, conducting most of our electronic discovery activities in-house,  an approach which allows us to provide substantial savings for our clients. Additionally, I am also asked to assist in establishing Standard Operation Procedures, working with the firm's e-Discovery committee, of which I am a member, making best-practice recommendations and carrying out new implementations, with a goal of increasing our firm's effectiveness and efficiency in e-discovery.


How long have you been in this position?

I have been with my current employer for three years.


What are some job challenges that you face on a regular basis?

Challenges on a regular basis usually have to do with opposing counsel data format. At my current employer, we are the ones raising the bar concerning productions. Many times, however, opposing counsel tries to ignore the elephant in the room named e-discovery. This reluctance affects both time and money in the trial prep process.


Tell us a bit about how you got here?

My background is in Information Technology (IT), and in  2004, I started working as a litigation support specialist at a large firm in Philadelphia. We grew from a team of three to a team of nine over 10 years. I left for an opportunity to assist in building another team, among other duties, at my current firm.

What drove you to seek certification in E-Discovery, specifically CEDs? I had long been hoping that a certification/validation for the skill sets and disciplines I possessed would come into being. Then about six months ago, I started noticing on LinkedIn the "CEDS" designation following the names of people who worked in the e-Discovery field, and became curious. I really wanted an industry-accepted certification. After doing a lot of homework, I became convinced ACEDS and being a Certified E-Discovery Specialist was for me.I became an ACEDS member in March, and became certified in April.

How do you think becoming CEDS-designated will benefit your career? 
The certification and ACEDS membership have already proven to be of great value and benefit to me. I have learned a great deal, and  I now have 'peers' who have the same beliefs regarding e-Discovery: They want to do things the right way, and guide others to do the same. As for career benefits, my employer will reap the benefits, and I'm confident certification will enhance career growth opportunities.

What are your overall observations of the e-discovery profession?

My overall observation is that there is a tremendous need for qualified workers in the e-discovery field. There are so many aspects to this profession, and it requires completely different skill sets than similar or related IT fields. This scarcity of expertise contributes to the high e-discovery budgets we are seeing in many cases.


What would you like to see ACEDS accomplish?

I would like to see ACEDS continue on its path of educating, and growing with more new chapters. I would also like to see ACEDS maintain the quality and integrity in the certification process.


Tell us one fun fact about yourself that you would like others to know.

Flyers Hockey!!!! There is no place I would rather be, than in my seats at a Flyers game.


Anything you would like to add?

ACEDS has made me more complete in e-Discovery! I am so grateful for ACEDS!

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