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Customer v. Client: A Logikcull SaaS Story

Tuesday, February 21, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Mary Mack
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It isn't every day the SaaS community fetes an eDiscovery pioneer.  Jason Lemkin, a graduate of UC Berkeley School of Law and venture capital investor, interviewed Andy Wilson, CEO of Logikcull (an ACEDS affiliate) about his journey from a service business to a SaaS business.  

While many VC's are loathe to invest in legal, Lemkin is quite happy with his investment in Logikcull, stating "the company has millions in ARR growing in the mid-teens MoM (pre-Hyper Growth)." This is VC talk for pre-Unicorn. While it may seem unbelievable that Logikcull counted 2500 steps to automate on its way to SaaS, many eDiscovery organizations have tracking sheets or "Travelers" accompanying evidence through the process, emulating business process, production or supply chain software.  Andy Wilson has some very counter-intuitive advice for those following in his footsteps, including changing from a client orientation to a customer orientation, shifting from service to product, and selling to new customers rather than old clients.

In legal, most service businesses refer to clients rather than customers. More than a subtle difference, clients expect customization and white glove service.  Customers buy pre-configured products off the rack. "Be-spoke vs. Commodity" is a difference that Richard Susskind has been championing for lawyers to blunt the economic impact of the billable hour and reinventing the wheel for each client.  Wilson relentlessly championed a customer orientation over a customization orientation. This allowed Wilson to focus on building and releasing product enhancements rather than individualized customizations. Finally, Wilson focused on finding new customers rather than continuing to customize for existing clients.

The interview is a fascinating read.
Read the full interview here


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