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Saturday, April 23, 2016   (0 Comments)
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Modus White Papers & Case Studies:

Practical Applications of Random Sampling in eDiscovery
Anyone who spends ample time working in eDiscovery knows that the topic of “sampling” comes up constantly when referring to collections, early case assessment and review – both human and technology-assisted. Long before modern review tools incorporated sophisticated sampling calculators, attorneys were manually taking samples, perhaps re-reviewing every 10th document. Sampling is name-checked repeatedly in eDiscovery orders and decisions. Download White Paper

Capital Conversations – Conducting Effective Custodian Interviews
Custodian interviews typically represent the first opportunity for the scale, scope, and content of a new case’s potential discovery to be probed, while also playing an important role in the satisfaction of preservation obligations. As such, custodian interviews are a critical early step in the discovery process and a core skill for discovery practitioners to master. This article provides a practical overview of custodian interviews and provides tips for how to make the most of them. To download a copy, please fill out the request form below. Download White Paper

Zeroing In – A Data Targeting Perspective On Reducing E-Discovery Cost
 Electronic discovery is expensive and continues to become more so. Document review is, by far, the most expensive component, accounting for about $0.73 of every $1.00 spent. This high cost of document review means the relationship between total cost and ESI volume is a directly proportional one. Consequently, any successful cost reduction effort must focus on reducing the volume to be reviewed. Adopting a data targeting perspective can help facilitate such volume and cost reductions. Approaching electronic discovery from a data targeting perspective means elevating technical and strategic considerations to the same level as legal ones at each step leading up to document review. To learn more about how adopting a data targeting perspective can reduce your electronic discovery costs, please fill out the request form below. Download White Paper

Approaching Discovery As A Strategic Business Process
Litigation can be an unpredictable, unavoidable and very expensive event for an organization. A significant portion of that expense is due to the growing cost of electronic discovery. Despite the ever-increasing cost and importance of electronic discovery, many organizations still treat it is an unpredictable event, just like litigation. Electronic discovery, however, need not be thought of as just a discrete event associated with particular litigation. It can instead be thought of as a strategic business process. Unlike isolated events, processes can be proactively managed and optimized. When organizations approach discovery as a strategic business process to be defined, measured, and iteratively improved, they can both reduce discovery costs and extract valuable business intelligence from their discovery activities. To learn more about how your organizations could benefit from approaching discovery as a strategic business process, please fill out the request form below. Download White Paper

The ESI Data Map – An In-Depth Review
As the number and diversity of information technology tools and systems proliferates, the territory that must be scoured for the collection of potentially-relevant electronically stored information grows larger and larger. Without a map to that territory, executing complete, timely collections can become a significant challenge. An ESI Data Map is a comprehensive, defensible inventory of all those IT systems that is designed specifically to facilitate collection efforts for investigation and litigation. To get a thorough introduction to ESI Data Maps, how to create them, and how to maintain them, please fill out the request form below. Download White Paper

Rediscovery – Lessons For Electronic Discovery From The Big Data Revolution
A management revolution is underway. It is axiomatic that you can only manage what you can measure, and big data is making more business and legal activities susceptible to measurement than ever before – measurements that can be used to make better management decisions. Forward-thinking corporations and law firms are leveraging the business intelligence contained in their big data to replace “gut calls” with data-driven decision making, and they are increasing their productivity, profitability, and competitive advantage by doing so. Data-driven decision making is equally valuable in the context of electronic discovery, where it is possible to extract valuable discovery intelligence from the data collected and created throughout discovery – a process Modus calls “Rediscovery.” To learn more about this management revolution and how you can leverage Rediscovery to better manage electronic discovery for your organization, please fill out the request form below. Download White Paper

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