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Modus Discovery Intelligence
Business Intelligence for the Legal Industry

Modus is a data management company that helps organizations assess, strategize and leverage critical business intelligence obtained from people, processes and data to optimize legal and enterprise-wide business results.

At Modus, we listen to what really matters. No, we’re not just another eDiscovery company, nor a loosely defined managed services.  We’re leaders in a more advanced category of business intelligence servicesdesigned specifically for law firms and corporations to help them improve their entire legal operations – not just their individual eDiscovery matters.

We Call it Discovery Intelligence

It’s not a product, a service or a solution – it’s much bigger than that. Discovery Intelligence is a complete paradigm shift in the way we orchestrate people, processes, finances and data to inspire exemplary data management results. It’s the end-result of all eDiscovery and date management matters – the business intelligence you obtain from the knowledge you gain.

Rediscover listening for the first time with Modus Discovery Intelligence.


What our customers say?

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