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Welcome to the seventh annual ACEDS eDiscovery Conference!

We’re extremely excited about our program this year and appreciate your participation and coverage.

From technical and judicial sessions on tracking terrorism in the Digital Age, to a frank discussion around privacy and security from the FTC’s acting general counsel, this year’s conference is filled with relevant, timely and important e-discovery topics. You’ll be among hundreds of e-discovery professionals along with top judges, industry leaders and service providers as we explore and collaborate. A personal high point for me will be the naming of our annual e-discovery professional award winners during Wednesday’s lunch.

ACEDS is about community and sharing best practices to move our profession forward, and this conference and our awards are important parts of that. You will become part of our community and are welcome at our meals, breaks and social events.  You will receive another letter from me, as if you are a “regular” attendee that has information about the conference app, materials and the ability to network with the assembled group.  Almost every session is open to the press, and most will be recorded.

A note about participants:  Most participants do not speak for their organizations, unless they say they do.  We will have frank and robust discussion about cutting edge issues in e-discovery, security, privacy and information governance. Many of the discussions will include edge cases and hypotheticals. This is not a common practice, and may give another impression if you move between sessions and do not hear the setup.

There has never been a more important time for people who love justice and understand technology to work through the important tensions between accountability and privacy. Electronic evidence is as important in criminal cases and family law as it is in corporate civil practice.

We welcome you, as reporters and editors covering this space and making sense of these important issues, and will do our best to support you, facilitating your coverage and ability to meet deadlines. We have arranged for a dedicated media room on the main floor of the conference that will provide you a work space, and also accommodate any interviews you wish to conduct. The media space is equipped with WiFI and our media relations team will be attending to the room to help you with whatever you might need. In addition, we have compiled some online resources for your convenience. That information is below. If there is anything else we can provide for you, please don’t hesitate to contact our media liaison, Cindy Parks, or me. Thank you again for your participation,


Mary Mack

Executive Director,

Association of Certified eDiscovery Specialists

503-314-9341 (cell)

Media Resources

Media Contact: Cindy Parks, 913-526-6912;

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Press Releases

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Conference Coverage

Cyber Intelligence: The Road Map to Stopping Terrorism with Technology

Cyber and intelligence expert Roy Zur explains source, access and encryption difficulties at the ACEDS 2016 Conference.

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Panel of Judges Discusses Bench Approaches to Technology Privacy, Apple/FBI Cases

The ACEDS panel explored the All Writs Act and how Apple’s reputational burden should be balanced

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From Student to Master: E-Discovery Education Comes to the Forefront

With e-discovery, there’s a lack of formal education. Why are law schools so e-discovery deficient, and who’s picking up the slack?

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Is Social Media a Goldmine for Collection?

A panel at the ACEDS 2016 E-Discovery conference focused on the issues around social media and litigation.

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The Art of the E-Discovery Interview: Finding the Right Legal Tech Pro

In this unusual ACEDS 2016 session, a mock interview gave insight into hiring for a legal tech position.

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The E-Discovery Compliance ‘Playbook’ for In-House Counsel

Experts at the ACEDS 2016 E-Discovery provide the 7 elements of an effective e-discovery compliance program.

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Sending Data to the Afterlife: When’s the Right Time to Delete?

An ACEDS 2016 E-Discovery Conference panel discussed the dangers of not deleting useless data and provided practical tips to better information governance.

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Top FTC Lawyer on the Biggest Privacy Issues

The Federal Trade Commission’s acting general counsel David Shonka bounded onto a stage at the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan and settled in behind a podium to discuss the most “vexing” issues around data and privacy.

Gabe Friedman, Bloomberg BNA

Whip Me, Beat Me, Call Me Edna: E-Discovery Trends

Doug Austin,

Welcome to the ACEDS E-Discovery Conference!: E-Discovery Trends

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