ACEDS 2016 Conference Sessions
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Cyber Intelligence Ethical Hacking Interactive Demo   Roy Zur, CEO of Cybint, and former Israeli intelligence officer, demonstrates the tools and tricks of the trade that hackers use to commit cybercrime, as well as ways lawyers can use online tools for information gathering and responding to cyberthreats. 

Privacy and Security Regulatory (e.g. FTC)David Shonka, acting General Counsel for the FTC, addressed the legal liabilities lawyers face for failures to defend client data from hackers. However, he tried to calm fears that law firms and their clients are liable for multi-million dollar fines or penalties simply for being the victims of a digital attack. “The FTC has never said perfect security is necessary. Organizations get into trouble for widespread and systemic failures to address security,” he said. “The analogy is if you go away on vacation and leave your doors and windows open, then you are asking for a problem."

Cyber threats, evidence and eDiscovery

Opening Session: Future Forward Stewardship of Privacy & Security

The Art & Science of Computer Forensics: Why Hillary Clinton's Email & Tom Brady's Cell Phone Matter

The Secrets No One Tells You: Taking Control of Your Time, Projects, Meetings and Other Workplace Time-Stealers

Piecing the Puzzle Together: Understanding How Associations Can Enhance Your Career

Tracking Terrorism in the Digital Age & Its Lessons for EDiscovery - A Technical Approach

EDiscovery Project Management: Ask Forgiveness, Not Permission

The Limits of Proportionality

Defending & Defeating TAR

Managing Your Project Manager’s Project Manager: Who’s On First?

E-Discovery & Compliance Session

Solving the Privilege Problem

What Your Data Governance Team Can Do For You

The Anatomy of a Tweet

The Essence of EDiscovery Education

Tracking Terrorism in the Digital Age & Its Lessons for EDiscovery - Judicial Perspectives

EDna Challenge Part 2

The Living Dead of EDiscovery

Metrics that Matter

EDiscovery & Pro-Bono Workshop

GENERAL SESSION: Cybersecurity: The Sheild and the Sword


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