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Date: April 18, 2014 Time: 1PM – 2PM EST

Recycling Discovery in Pattern Litigation

Protecting Privilege in Multi-Matter Hosted Discovery
Maintaining confidentiality takes the skill of a navigator to ensure privileged material is not produced to an opposing party. What was privileged intellectual property in one case is privileged in another. Moreover, none of the attorney work that went into conducting document review in pattern litigation should be forgotten at the end of each case, but recycled for future use to save time and costs. Join Sam Korte, senior patent attorney at Garmin International, Inc., and Kate Head, Esq, of Advanced Discovery, to learn best practices in navigating the use of hosted discovery in multiple cases to streamline the review process.

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Date: April 23, 2014 Time: 1PM – 2PM EST

Predictive Coding: How to Cut Through the ‘Hype’ and Determine Whether It’s Right for Your Review

With document review continuing to be the most expensive and time-consuming aspect of e-discovery, corporate counsel are seeking creative approaches for handling vast amounts of data in a cost-effective manner. Predictive coding is being heralded by many in the legal field as a key development in streamlining large-scale reviews and reducing expenses. Yet others have expressed concerns over its acceptability and defensibility within the judiciary system. Whether you currently use predictive coding or are evaluating it for future cases, you’ll want to hear our expert panelists discuss the pros and cons of technology-assisted review, including:

  • Understanding the process
  • The impact of recent court rulings and developments
  • The risks, benefits and advantages of predictive coding
  • Evaluating whether predictive coding is right for your case
  • Balancing key elements and considerations
  • Emerging best practices and stories from the field

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Date: April 24, 2014 Time: 1PM – 1:30 PM EST

The Flavors of Data Analytics, Served Up for Attorneys

Data Analytics is frequently described as a “black box.” How can non-technical attorneys understand competing technologies that involve complex algorithms and an alphabet soup of flavors that includes LSI, PLSI, SVM and others?  Join us as we break open the black box and show you what’s inside the different technologies, and how their different algorithms work on big data analytics and technology-assisted review. This presentation will tackle these complicated issues in a straightforward way for a non-technical audience.

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Date: April 30, 2014 Time: 1PM – 2PM EST

Five Critical Document Review Decisions You Cannot Afford to Ignore

In the era of technology assisted review and predictive coding, performing a cost effective, quality document review can seem like an overwhelming endeavor. Throw in the explosion of Big Data, and it may feel like a next-to impossible feat. But, have no fear. Kroll Ontrack’s expert team members have been in the trenches of document review for years, and have literally seen it all. This webinar will guide you through the most important decisions to make on your next document review. From selecting the right technology to ensuring that you don’t need to re-review documents, attend this webinar to benefit from the experience of Kroll Ontrack’s experts.

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