Project management guru shares secrets to efficient e-discovery

Are you paying too much for e-discovery? Chances are you’re not paying enough attention to project management. That theory drove a solutions-based seminar at the recent ACEDS E-Discovery Conference & Exhibition that aimed to identify and explore efficiencies to achieve less: waste, unproductive and low-value work, client frustration, misspent time and — above all — client […]

More on TAR: ‘Are the magic computers all the same?’

In a word, no — the “magic computers,” as Alvin Lindsay teasingly called technology-assisted review platforms, are not the same. TAR technology performs differently and is driven by distinct underlying algorithms. For practitioners seeking more effective solutions to search and document review, the competition among service providers this absence of uniformity spurs is a huge blessing. But it also […]

Vendor collaboration yields dramatic savings over time, says Dell’s Addington

The silver lining to serial litigation is that its Groundhog Day nature affords endless opportunity to improve process and practice. Streamlining workflows and recycling data can help counter the soaring costs of cases whose custodians and documents overlap. Partnering with a service provider can also lessen the cost burden. “Working with the same vendor from […]

Recycling data for serial litigation key to efficient e-discovery, says Dell’s Addington

When it comes to serial litigation, the motto “reuse, reduce, recycle” applies. Lawsuits involving similar custodians, themes or documents can overwhelm IT and legal departments, especially if they overlap. Fortunately there are synergies to be found. Recycling data and document collections reduces the strain and costs of e-discovery and does not require a substantial up-front […]

Putting technical process in simple terms is key to e-discovery consulting, says Xact’s Reizen

As is true in some other service fields, what sets the best e-discovery consultants apart is the ability to speak multiple languages. Often, the most successful service providers are those whose staffs can translate technically complex processes into simple, step-by-step measures clients can understand. “The only way to obtain that skill set is through experience,” […]

Cost-savings opportunities abound when facing repeat litigation, Dell’s Addington says

Tight discovery deadlines demand efficiency of process and cooperation among team members. But all too often, projects are bogged down by duplicative efforts and an antagonistic relationship between the corporate legal department and custodians. These failings compound over the course of similar cases, driving up costs and souring counsel’s rapport with the custodians on whose […]