ACEDS 2016 Financial Hardship Policy
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The Association of Certified E-Discovery Specialists (ACEDS) understands that financial hardship can make it difficult for some of our current and future members to pay the fees associated with our membership requirements and training programs.  This policy is designed to alleviate pressures in such cases and ensure that our members are treated equitably.

For our current members and CEDS certified individuals, we offer a “member in transition” benefit which extends certification and membership upon request for six months without additional fees.

ACEDS offers eleven annual awards, including a scholarship program for an entering E-Discovery Specialist, that offer to waive one year’s membership fees for each award recipient.

ACEDS offers discounted CEDS course pricing to government employees as well as full-time students. Discounted annual conference pricing is available to existing members, government and non-profit employees, full-time students, previous BARBRI bar review students, and those previously CEDS-Certified.

ACEDS offers discounted pricing for the E-Discovery Essentials online program to existing ACEDS members.

Additionally, ACEDS considers further discounting in certain instances and based on circumstance. Persons wishing to apply for a scholarship should send an email to ACEDS Member Services at with the subject line “Scholarship.” The email should detail why the candidate is deserving of a scholarship and provide proof of unemployment or other financial hardship. Unemployed persons will be given preference. Persons with income above $50,000 annually will not be considered.

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