I joined ACEDS as I was most impressed with it and have also found its website to be an excellent resource.”
 James E. Gordon, Managing Director, Navigant Consulting Asia, Ltd., Hong Kong
Given the speed of change (in the healthcare field), ACEDS provides an excellent, much needed forum… to train, network and stay current on critical information.”
 Kimarie Stratos, General Counsel, Memorial Health Systems, Ft. Lauderdale
I get bombarded with all kinds of e-discovery stuff – news, blogs and whatnot. Let me tell you, you guys send the absolute best! I send it to all my partners and sales folks. I said, who are these guys? I have to get to know them better!”
 Kevin Glass, Managing Partner, Boston Litigation Solutions
As a source of the latest intelligence…, ACEDS provides an invaluable service.”
 Jeffrey S. Jacobson, Partner, Debevoise & Plimpton, New York
As a trial lawyer, day-to-day information processing is daunting for my client service. I’ve come to rely on ACEDS to keep me on the ‘edge’ of the curve on e-discovery. It’s a source I ‘ping’ ASAP.”
 Gary Price, Partner, Lewis Kappes, Indianapolis
I love it. Invaluable resource. Excellent source of up-to-date information.”
 Karen Swift, Litigation Support Paralegal, Ni Source, Merrillville, IN