ACEDS Cyber Monday: Your Best Chance to Turbocharge Your Career

Cyber Monday isn’t just for big deals on high definition televisions. It’s now also the day you can jump start your career in eDiscovery. For just 24 hours ACEDS will be offering significant discounts off of our Membership, Certification packages, training, and conference registration. It’s your one chance to supercharge your career and network with the most […]

ACEDS Interview: Judge Paul Grimm Explains the New Federal Rules

    Judge Paul Grimm has been at the epicenter of the ongoing evolution of eDiscovery for a long time. As a District Judge for the United States District Court for the District of Maryland, he has been the author of a handful of the most influential eDiscovery-related court opinions, including Victor Stanley, Inc. v. Creative Pipe Inc. […]

Digital Forensics and the Paris Terror Hunt

According to initial reports, the terrorist plotters behind the massacre in Paris last week were able to avoid leaving digital clues or traceable evidence- at least until after the attack was over. For computer forensics experts, this is an ominous sign that encrypted communications tools are making it easier than ever for parties to hide, […]

Lawyers Look for a Safe Harbor

Ever since the European Union Court of Justice killed the Safe Harbor framework for international data transfers, eDiscovery professionals have been looking for some reassurance that their cross border work will be sanctioned. “Right now we are in Purgatory,” says Bruce Heiman, Practice Area Leader of Policy and Regulations with K&L Gates in Washington, DC. “The decision […]

ACEDS Needs Mentors

At the ACEDS eDiscovery Conference in September, presenter Jared Coseglia, founder of TRU Staffing partners, had an interesting piece of advice for eDiscovery professionals looking to advance their careers. “If you don’t have a mentor, you should find one.” It was an offhanded comment in response to a question, but at least one attendee took it very […]

Why is Social Media Discovery Such a Problem?

Social media is part of the fabric of life in the 21st century. Our daily lives are recorded there and many people get most of their news from it. But when it comes to litigation, it’s often the last thing parties think about- until it’s too late. “People wait too long to collect social media […]

Disclosing Seed Sets and the Illusion of Transparency

This article was originally published at Clustify Blog. It is republished here with the permission of its author, Bill Dimm.  There has been a great deal of debate about whether it is wise or possibly even required to disclose seed sets (training documents, possibly including non-relevant documents) when using predictive coding.  This article explains why […]