Using email threading technology advances the goals of proportionality and competence

That electronic document productions are duplicative and costly is well known to many civil litigators.[1] The traditional view of the risk-averse legal community is that, regardless of similarity to other produced documents, anything that is not an exact duplicate must be reviewed and produced. The current practice related to email threads is to review every […]

‘Have you taken leave of your senses?': Top 10 takeaways from 2015 LegalTech judges panel

This article originally appeared on the Driven Copilot blog. It is republished here with permission. At this year’s Legal Tech, I once again had the honor of moderating the Judges Panel, on which Judge John Facciola (D.D.C., retired), Judge Andrew Peck (S.D.N.Y), Judge Frank Maas (S.D.N.Y), and Judge Elizabeth Laporte (N.D.Cal.) presented.  This time, we […]

An analysis of sample size in the Rio Tinto v. Vale predictive coding protocol

This article originally appeared on the Clustify Blog, authored by consultant and analytics expert Bill Dimm. It is republished here with the permission of the author.  Judge Peck recently issued an opinion in Rio Tinto PLC v. Vale SA, et al, Case 1:14-cv-03042-RMB-AJP where he spent some time reflecting on the state of court acceptance of […]

Can counsel withhold a client’s discovery material as leverage to end a fee dispute? Yes, actually 

Giving credence to the adage that possession is, indeed, nine points of the law, a tense episode unfolding in a Chicago courtroom is shining light on a seemingly sparsely invoked, but important dispute resolution instrument that has the potential to deeply disrupt discovery in instances where fee disputes between attorney and client arise. UsernamePasswordLost password?

Work smarter, not harder: 9 project management tips from the gurus of document review

The current state of e-discovery and the rise of big data have led to document review populations growing exponentially in size. The cost and time pressures associated with this have unnerved both corporations and the law firms they engage. According to the Rand report, Where The Money Goes: Understanding Litigant Expenditures for Producing Electronic Discovery, the most expensive […]

Archiving vs. Journaling: Are You Saving the Right Stuff?

This article first appeared on the Driven Copilot blog under the title “Archiving vs. Journaling: Saving the Right Stuff.”  Email threatens to overwhelm us all – over 100 billion business emails were sent every single day in 2013 according to a recent Radicati Group report, and that number is expected to grow. Friends, colleagues, and now even inanimate objects […]