Is Predictive Coding Really a Records Management Tool?

E-discovery has been described as sipping from a firehose. But rather than try to find a better way to drink from the nozzle, some lawyers are suggesting it’s time to turn off the flow of water at the source. The problem is that the volumes of digital evidence available for discovery are so incredible that the legal […]

Understanding Gain Curves in Predictive Coding

This article was originally published at the Clustify Blog. It is republished here with the permission of its author, Bill Dimm. You may already be familiar with the precision-recall curve, which describes the performance of a predictive coding system.  Unfortunately, the precision-recall curve doesn’t (normally) display any information about the cost of training the system, so […]

What’s New at LegalTech 2016? Vendors Offer More Powerful, Useful Review Tools

The 2016 LegalTech conference will be remembered as the year vendors realized e-discovery was too cumbersome and complex. In order to solve the challenges in discovery, this year’s event was dominated by new analytic tools, business intelligence, and cloud e-discovery services. Most importantly, some of the biggest players in legal technology are throwing themselves behind these […]

At LegalTech 2016, Lawyers Grapple with New Challenges

For 35 years, lawyers have been coming to New York to see and hear about the latest trends and technology at the LegalTech conference. Trends and buzzwords come and go, but it seems that fundamental issues never go away. At the 2016 conference, judges, attorneys, and technologists grappled with new challenges and old questions- how […]

The FRCP Amendments Are Already Having an Effect

The 2015 e-discovery amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure are now in place. These latest e-discovery amendments were hammered out over the past five years and have introduced new standards regarding eDiscovery sanctions, proportionality, and cooperation in discovery. While many lawyers assume that the rule changes will slowly work their way into case […]

Bad ESI Management in Criminal Cases Leads to Bad Outcomes

E-discovery is increasingly important in criminal cases. Social media, text messages, and home computers are providing a wealth of evidence for criminal prosecutors. But as the volume of ESI grows in criminal cases, there will likely be a growing volume of sanctions, mistrials, and other bad outcomes. Adverse inferences in criminal cases are incredibly rare. […]

The Disappearing Civil Trial: Is it a Good Thing?

Americans love a good trial ­— in theory. If you watch television at almost any time of day, there is probably a trial on at least one channel. Judge Judy, Law and Order,  The Good Wife, or just about any prime time drama. But in real life, trials, especially civil trials, are almost extinct. This year’s Chief Justice’s […]