Make a Difference. Get Involved! Join an ACEDS Task Force

ACEDS enlists members in important initiatives to work with colleagues in shaping the future of ACEDS and the e-discovery field.

ACEDS seeks your help in three key areas: contributing to the outstanding training and education events, offer guidance on topics, issues and speakers for the ACEDS Annual Conference, and providing vibrant, useful and practical content for the ACEDS website and publications.

You can participate in these exciting endeavors by joining a Task Force today to share your expertise, knowledge and enthusiasm as we build ACEDS into the premier association for training and certification in the e-discovery field. The Task Forces’ work is enriching and rewarding, providing you another opportunity as an ACEDS member to network and connect with colleagues and peers. We hope you will join one of these Task Forces today.

CEDS-Certification Task Force

CEDS-certified members serve to keep the CEDS exam and Study Manual up-to-date and of the highest quality. Only CEDS-certified individuals are eligible to serve on this Task Force.

Editorial Task Force

The Editorial Task Force guides the e-discovery content of the website. Task Force members guide the editorial team and the Advisory Board on the content that e-discovery professionals find useful and practical.

Task Force members also are welcome to submit articles, analysis, commentary and guidance as a resource posted on, or to be published in the ACEDS publications. Their contributions may also include case studies and reference material that would be valuable to ACEDS members.

The members of the Editorial Task Force play an influential role in molding the direction and influence of ACEDS and its website in helping to assure it maintains high standards.

Training and Education Task Force

There is a great need for quality e-discovery continuing education and training in the private sector and government covering many professions and occupations in the United States and around the world.

All sectors in the e-discovery field, from law firms to corporations, from government agencies to professional services firms, have distinct training and education needs. There is overlap and each sector needs to have a good understanding of what the other team members and colleagues do and how they perform their job.

For these reasons, the ACEDS training and educational offerings are crucial. As a member of the Training and Education Task Force you will play a key role in formulating and developing this vital part of ACEDS’ mission for the benefit of members in the United States and the rest of the world.

Work on the Task Force will put you in contact with many peers making your participation enriching and rewarding. The Task Force will suggest seminar topics, speakers, virtual training events, innovations, training materials and all the necessary parts of a quality training and education portfolio of a premiere member association.

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