LPOs ‘weaponizing’ predictive coding for own use, says expert Kevin Colangelo


kevin_colangeloWith many predicting that technology-assisted review will extinguish the room-full-of-attorneys model, it would seem that legal process outsourcers would be looking for ways to adapt their business models. They are. Known for performing time-consuming, tedious tasks like document review, legal process outsourcers, or LPOS, are finding new methods to leverage advanced technologies amid violent upheaval in the way legal services are performed. “Computer-assisted review is definitely something the top LPOs are keeping an eye on from a strategic perspective,” says Kevin Colangelo, managing partner at LPO management firm Yuson & Irvine in New York.”They are leveraging or weaponizing it for their own use” in an effort to transform LPOs into a “one-stop shop” for legal processing services, Colangelo says. Based primarily in countries like India and the Philippines, LPOs are also carving out a large swath of the lucrative legal, regulatory and compliance work required of financial institutions, which Colangelo describes as early adopters of their services. In this ACEDS podcast, Colangelo, previously General Counsel at Pangea3, tells how financial institutions and other cost-conscious companies are using LPOs, and explains why computer-assisted review might not be the threat many imagine.

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