The CEDS exam is, without doubt, a great tool to gauge e-discovery knowledge and experience. It is intense, well structured and thorough and beyond compare in the industry. One must have well-rounded, real-world practical experience and know concepts and application.” David Kearney, CEDS, Director of Technology Services, Cohen & Grigsby

I wanted a certification that separates me from my peers. Upon discovering CEDS, I was convinced this was exactly the type of distinction I had been seeking. Since achieving CEDS certification, I’ve noticed immediate recognition from my organization, colleagues, and current and prospective clients. They acknowledge they are more comfortable working with a person who has taken time to seek such certification. CEDS has certainly been worth the small investment and should continue to beget returns for years and years to come.” Andrew Bayer, CEDS, Director of Business Development, Teris

Since adding the CEDS credential to my arsenal, I’ve noticed a measurable and positive shift in the dynamic of my communications with prospects and clients. My CEDS certification validates me professionally and lets clients know that BIA is committed to excellence across the board. I wish I’d done it sooner!” Mark MacDonald, CEDS, Territory Manager, BIA

It’s an honor to have the CEDS credentials by my name. Passing the CEDS exam is a big accomplishment for me. ACEDS is of the highest caliber and I’m proud to be under its tent!” Wanda Trotter, CEDS, President, Women in E-Discovery, South Florida Chapter, Miami; Manager, Litigation Support, Astigarraga Davis

The CEDS exam was thorough, balanced, tough and fair. I am more valuable with the CEDS certification. It helps our company just as much.” Lisa Prowse, CEDS, Director, Strategic Legal Services and Document Review, BIA, Portage

I don’t know what took so long for a certification like CEDS to come along. There needed to be a strong standard of competence. The exam was rigorous and thorough. You don’t just pay the money and pass the test. This helps solve my hiring problems.” Alvin Lindsay, CEDS, Partner, Hogan Lovells, Miami

The CEDS exam was comprehensive and followed the… framework in the CEDS Exam Preparation Manual. ACEDS… is on the right path of truly helping professionals establish a common frame of reference in e-discovery.” Rob Robinson, CEDS, Vice President, Marketing, Orange Legal Technologies, Austin

I feel very proud of passing the CEDS exam. I prepared thoroughly and still found it extremely difficult. I’m glad about this, because it gives real merit to my efforts. I am very excited about being part of ACEDS and seeing the wonderful opportunities it will bring. Thank you so much for helping me achieve this important goal in my career.” Claudia B. Peña, CEDS, Certified Paralegal, Fowler Rodriguez Valdes-Fauli, Coral Gables

I was extremely impressed with the exam’s line of questioning. If you can answer these questions you know e-discovery well.” James Bickley, CEDS Partner, CRG Legal, Washington, D.C.

I decided to pursue CEDS certification to help legitimize myself as a specialist in E-Discovery. The material distributed by ACEDS to achieve the certification is thorough. The CEDS credential requires more than a basic knowledge of e-discovery.” Roger Farley, Discovery and Forensics Manager, A Fortune 50 Company, Connecticut

The CEDS certification really helped me with my job search. It helped me gain confidence and have others gain confidence in me on e-discovery. Thanks a ton for a great certification.” Ravi Prakash, CEDS, Director, Information Security & Database Architecture, San Francisco

CEDS certification has advanced my career. It solidifies and confirms my knowledge of e-discovery. The exam was very comprehensive and challenging.” Michelle Lange, CEDS, Litigation Support Project Manager, Ogletree Deakins, Pittsburgh

I write for a living and appreciate well-written, comprehensive, and instructive documents. That describes the CEDS Exam Preparation Manual. A lot of good information, understandable, straightforward, well-organized.” David R. Cohen, David R. Cohen Co., Cleveland