Audio files more likely to reveal ‘smoking guns,’ Globanet’s Ortiz says

   January 23, 2014

Phone messages, call recordings and other audio files are increasingly the target of investigative inquiries and discovery efforts. In addition to giving candid insights of their own, audio data can give context to other, more plentiful discovery material. For instance, ... Read More »

Vendor collaboration yields dramatic savings over time, says Dell’s Addington

   October 17, 2013

The silver lining to serial litigation is that its Groundhog Day nature affords endless opportunity to improve process and practice. Streamlining workflows and recycling data can help counter the soaring costs of cases whose custodians and documents overlap. Partnering with ... Read More »

Recycling data for serial litigation key to efficient e-discovery, says Dell’s Addington

   August 22, 2013

When it comes to serial litigation, the motto “reuse, reduce, recycle” applies. Lawsuits involving similar custodians, themes or documents can overwhelm IT and legal departments, especially if they overlap. Fortunately there are synergies to be found. Recycling data and document ... Read More »

Putting technical process in simple terms is key to e-discovery consulting, says Xact’s Reizen

   August 8, 2013

As is true in some other service fields, what sets the best e-discovery consultants apart is the ability to speak multiple languages. Often, the most successful service providers are those whose staffs can translate technically complex processes into simple, step-by-step ... Read More »

Cost-savings opportunities abound when facing repeat litigation, Dell’s Addington says

   July 25, 2013

Tight discovery deadlines demand efficiency of process and cooperation among team members. But all too often, projects are bogged down by duplicative efforts and an antagonistic relationship between the corporate legal department and custodians. These failings compound over the course ... Read More »

Cloud-based Logikcull tool is ‘Fisher Price easy,’ says CEO and Co-founder Wilson

   July 19, 2013

This is the second edition of ACEDS Product Spotlights, a series of podcasts designed to ease the selection of e-discovery products and services by comparing competing offerings. “We’re maniacal about usability,” Logik CEO and co-founder Andy Wilson tells ACEDS. “We ... Read More »

Myths surrounding cloud can’t deter its force, says Globanet expert Jackie Ervin

   June 12, 2013

The exponential growth of big data has posed huge challenges to companies trying to corral and keep tabs on records for legal, regulatory, and business purposes. In addition to storage costs, corporate legal and IT departments must also contend with ... Read More »

Hacking law firms is ‘big business,’ says BIA’s Thompson

   March 20, 2013

Speaker: Robin Thompson | Manager, Client Relations | BIA Date: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Earlier this year, the cyber security firm Mandiant reported that the Chinese military had attempted to hack at least 141 organizations in the US and other ... Read More »

‘Every dollar counts’ when managing e-discovery project, expert Bruce Malter says

   March 13, 2013

It is clear from talking to Bruce Malter that e-discovery project managers do not grow on trees. “Project management is a skill. Not everyone can do it,” says Malter, a Solutions Group Leader for Project Leadership Associates in Chicago. “Finding ... Read More »

Social media is ‘critical piece of evidence’ in employment disputes, says Richman Greer’s Wall

   March 6, 2013

Date: Wednesday, March 6, 2013 As the number and types of collaborative networking sites proliferate, social media is becoming an increasingly valuable tool in dispute resolutions of all types. From personal injury and divorce to insider trading and other criminal ... Read More »