4 principles to apply when searching for the holy grail of e-disovery tools

   August 28, 2014

We are familiar with ala-carte pay television servicesor ala-carte menu items but are we also indulging in ala-carte technology selection for e-discovery projects? Michael J. Prounis, writing in the February edition of The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel, reminds us that “there is no ... Read More »

With enterprise social networks, sprint to innovation leaving e-discovery heed behind

   August 28, 2014

As organizations begin to dabble with enterprise social networks to realize the collaborative benefits of what are, in effect, corporate Facebooks, a new study finds that many executives are potentially blind to the litigation risks and data challenges these new ... Read More »

IG disarray spells six-figure discovery sanction for lawyers in decades-old suit

   August 21, 2014

In the grand scheme of things, a million bucks is just a drop in the bucket of a $4.2 billion bankruptcy tab it already owes. But for Jefferson County, Alabama, the monetary impact it stands to assume from a decades-old ... Read More »

Tips for avoiding social media trappings in your next case

   August 18, 2014

Lawyers aren’t the most enthusiastic of social media users – according to the most recent ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, only 19 percent of attorneys use Twitter professionally. Unfortunately for the late adopters, their clients are furiously Tweeting and posting ... Read More »

With effective information governance, money will be saved – the question is how much?

   August 14, 2014

Back in April, Anju Khurana published a piece on outlining a methodology for comparing the various pricing models of different e-discovery vendors in an “apples to apples” way. That article was quite potent, not only for its solution and ... Read More »

With shaming sanctions, judge delivers withering critique of modern discovery practices

   August 14, 2014

Amid growing sentiment that cooperation in discovery is on the rise, and as rule changes emphasizing that merit loom, a federal judge in Cedar Rapids has delivered a lengthy, withering critique of attorney conduct that represents a sharp counterpoint to ... Read More »

Popular misconceptions about predictive coding and confidence intervals

   July 31, 2014

This post was originally published at Clustify Blog. It is republished here with the permission of its author.  This article looks at a few common misconceptions and mistakes related to predictive coding and confidence intervals. Confidence intervals vs. training set ... Read More »

Prison email opens surveillance window into inmates’ dealings with counsel

   July 31, 2014

The attorney-client privilege is said to be the backbone of the legal profession. It is the bastion through which parties can confide in their counsel without fear those secrets will be used against them. But in the darker corners of the ... Read More »

Want less fighting in e-discovery? Make the producing party act first

   July 24, 2014

Here’s a modest proposal for less contentiousness and more proportionality in e-discovery. Scrap the whole ridiculous skit where the request for production is the opening salvo. Instead, change the rules so the producing party makes the first move. Yes, it’s ... Read More »

Before moving to the cloud, address e-discovery risks and costs

   July 24, 2014

What is Cloud Storage? Many organizations, small and large, have either embraced or are considering cloud-based storage options. Cloud storage, in a general sense, refers to a form of networked enterprise storage, where data is stored in virtual pools of data ... Read More »