Managing electronically stored data (ESI) for eDiscovery and legal holds should not be a complex process. Index Engines’ high- speed ESI collection and management platform makes the culling process time and cost efficient; enabling eDiscovery and legal hold projects to be completed under stricter deadlines and budgets with less man hours.The Octane platform allows for ESI identification, collection, preservation and processing using an intuitive user interface that makes even the most complex project easy. Combined with the fastest processing speed in the industry at 1TB/Hour/Node and flexible pricing options, Index Engines is your eDiscovery tool.More information eDiscovery, Litigation Readiness and Information Governance or to receive exclusive ACEDS downloads, go to:

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White Paper: Achieving effective information Governing through Data Profiling.Leverage data profiling technology to understand what data exists. make decisions and control data risks and budgets. Download Now