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444 Brickell Avenue, Suite 250
Miami, Florida 33131 USA
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Phone:  1-305-377-2050
Fax: 1-786-316-0006


Robert Hilson, Executive Director
Phone: 1-786-517-2714 Email: rhilson@ACEDS.org

James Mosier Jr., Deputy Executive Director
Phone: 1-786-517-2730 Email: jmosier@ACEDS.org

Editorial and Content

Robert Hilson, Editorial Director
Phone: 1-786-517-2714 Email: rhilson@ACEDS.org

Member Services / Certification

Debbie Pelland, Member Services Manager
Phone: 1-786-517-2701 Email: dpelland@ACEDS.org


Carlos Diaz, Certification Manager
Phone: 1-786-517-2708 Email: certification@ACEDS.org

Advertising and Exhibiting

Matthew Dodge, Director of Corporate Sponsorship & Membership
Phone: 1-786-517-2721 Email: mdodge@ACEDS.org


Jeanette Ramos, Director of Marketing
Phone: 1-786-517-2725 Email: jramos@ACEDS.org

Emily Mermell, Marketing Manager
Phone: 1-786-517-2734 Email: emermell@ACEDS.org

Brian King, Marketing Associate
Phone: 1-786-517-2723 Email: bking@ACEDS.org


Wendy Shearer, Director of Events
Phone: 1-786-517-2715 Email: wshearer@ACEDS.org


Brian Hirshorn, Controller
Phone: 1-786-517-2733 Email: bhirshorn@ACEDS.org