A Decade on, GGO Looks to Do-It-Yourself Future of E-Discovery

Robert Powell, Forensics, Security Executive | GGO
Tue, 11/06/2012

In 2000, the law firm Preston Gates & Ellis faced thousands of boxes of documents as it managed discovery in the US Government’s antitrust investigation of Microsoft. The massive undertaking posed a number of logistical, technical and cost challenges, but brothers Dan and Bill Gallivan proved up to the task. Convinced by the experience of the growing need for paper and electronic discovery “troubleshooters,” the Gallivans joined Barry O’Melia to start their own e-discovery firm in 2002. Ten years and hundreds of terabytes later, GGO, of Seattle, has handled e-discovery in more than 3,000 matters, including some of the highest profile cases of the last decade. Now the company is looking to the next 10 years. “E-discovery will become like drafting a motion,” says Robert Powell,

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