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The mission of ACEDS is to help professionals in various disciplines improve and certify their e-discovery knowledge and skill, advance their careers, increase their contacts, and increase overall competence in e-discovery and related fields.


ACEDS offers a variety of training experiences programs, both virtual and live, all led by leading experts in e-discovery and meeting top standards of instructional design. We’re committed to producing the highest quality, most accurate and current training programs for the benefit of our community.



The CEDS Certification is awarded to persons who meet certain qualification standards and pass a rigorous certification examination administered at one of 600 proctored testing centers. The certification covers topics including project planning, litigation hold implementation, document review, data processing, budgeting and more.



Join the ever-growing ACEDS community. ACEDS is a leading international membership organization committed to bringing together experts throughout the E-Discovery field. Members have access to live webinars, exclusive tools, ACEDS resources, our career center and more.


Meet Mary Mack – Executive Director

Mack is a long time industry expert with over 25 years of experience and leadership to her credit. Under her leadership, ACEDS will further its commitment of building an international community of e-discovery practitioners for the exchange of ideas, guidance, training and best practices. Mack is known for her strength in relationship and community building as well as for the depth of her e-discovery knowledge.


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Wondering if ACEDS Certification is right for you?

The Certified E-Discovery Specialist (CEDS) Certification responds to the need for professionals with diverse skills and knowledge across the e-discovery spectrum. The exam covers e-discovery topics including project planning, data processing, litigation hold implementation, data culling, document review and more. Download the CEDS Brochure to learn more about getting certified.

The CEDS Brochure Includes:

  • More information about the Certification
  • Who gets certified
  • The anatomy of a CEDS question
  • What’s included in the CEDS Certification Package

ACEDS 2016 E-Discovery Conference & Exhibition

April 18-20 at the Grand Hyatt New York

Join hundreds of e-discovery professionals for learning and networking at the #ACEDS2016 E-Discovery Conference, April 18-20 at the Grand Hyatt New York. The Conference features leading experts and service providers along with multiple networking opportunities. Special rates available, register today and save.

ACEDS Live Webinars

Learn about trending topics in E-Discovery with ACEDS Live Webinars. Webinars are guided by industry leaders and solutions providers around the world. Register for an ACEDS Live Webinar today.


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