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Insurer dodging malpractice claim must pay $34 million for attorney’s discovery blunder

In a case from which obvious lessons do not easily emerge due to the minutia of the facts, this much is clear: A legal malpractice insurer attempting to deny coverage to a client successfully sued for discovery-related negligence has been found by a Texas federal jury to owe that law firm $34 million. For OneBeacon… Read more

Rocket science it isn’t: Judge orders do-over of production missing Rule 34 mark

It’s a scenario deserving of empathy (or it is pity?) that conjures memories of standing before the teacher whose homework assignment was cast aside the night before. Those who’ve been there know that the missing work inspiring the most regret is often that which is easiest to accomplish. And so it is with e-discovery. Earlier… Read more

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What is a near-dupe, really?

By: Dr. Bill Dimm | CEO | Hot Neuron LLC Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 This article was first published at, and is republished here with the permission of its author. When you try to quantify how similar near-duplicates are, there are several subtleties that arise. This article looks at three reasonable, but different,… Read more


Vendor’s massive bill triggers suit with client, then wrath of judge

A bill from hell. You’ve seen it: the one that includes what appears to be half the menu — charges for dishes that didn’t make it out of the kitchen, or weren’t even ordered. And the one that includes, to really rub it in, a giant gratuity that wasn’t earned. Michael Afremov, a defendant in… Read more

Zeroing in: Data targeting to reduce e-discovery volumes and costs, Part 3

This article, the last in a three-part series, was originally published on the blog of Modus, an ACEDS Affiliate Member and editorial contributor. For more practical tips, best practices and thought leadership, visit Parts 1 and 2 can be read here. Regardless of how broadly or narrowly collection is done, and regardless of what targeting is performed during… Read more