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Comparing ‘apples to apples’ in e-discovery pricing and services

This is the second in a series of articles in which the author will focus on ways in which law firms are re-evaluating their e-discovery business models to identify more cost-effective and efficient ways to deliver litigation support services. Although e-discovery costs and pricing models have drastically changed in the past 3-5 years, a perception… Read more

Attorney competence means ‘technical knowledge’ of e-discovery, opinion says

“Highly experienced” attorneys are not competent to handle certain cases involving electronically stored information if they do not command the technical skills and knowledge required of complex e-discovery issues. That is the essence of a proposed opinion issued by the State Bar of California’s Standing Committee on Professional Responsibility and Conduct late last month that… Read more

Expert's Corner

What is a near-dupe, really?


By: Dr. Bill Dimm | CEO | Hot Neuron LLC Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 This article was first published at, and is republished here with the permission of its author. When you try to quantify how similar near-duplicates are, there are several subtleties that arise. This article looks at three reasonable, but different,… Read more


Does the Uncritical Acceptance by Courts of Unsupported and Potentially Erroneous Technology-Assisted Review Assertions Frustrate the Objectives of Discovery?

This three-part article1 does not argue that traditional manual discovery is generally the most desirable method, or that technology-assisted review should be discarded. Manual review is often inefficient, even prohibitive, from a cost standpoint. Rather, the article challenges current judicial assessments and industry practices as lacking in either factual support or accurate conclusions, and asserts… Read more

Peeved judge tells law firm to make its lawyers pay for own e-discovery blunders

When attorneys from a big law firm are sanctioned for discovery abuse, they may usually draw from the firm’s coffers to pay the bill. In a Miami federal court, a judge fed up with a “shockingly deficient” discovery effort by lawyers at Carlton Fields Jorden Burt has suggested a different arrangement. Find out who’s at… Read more