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Want less fighting in e-discovery? Make the producing party act first

Here’s a modest proposal for less contentiousness and more proportionality in e-discovery. Scrap the whole ridiculous skit where the request for production is the opening salvo. Instead, change the rules so the producing party makes the first move. Yes, it’s a little late to suggest this when the current round of rules amendments are so… Read more

Before moving to the cloud, address e-discovery risks and costs

What is Cloud Storage? Many organizations, small and large, have either embraced or are considering cloud-based storage options. Cloud storage, in a general sense, refers to a form of networked enterprise storage, where data is stored in virtual pools of data centers and in most cases is hosted by third-parties. The Cloud Movement Cloud-based services have gained… Read more

Expert's Corner

What is a near-dupe, really?


By: Dr. Bill Dimm | CEO | Hot Neuron LLC Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 This article was first published at, and is republished here with the permission of its author. When you try to quantify how similar near-duplicates are, there are several subtleties that arise. This article looks at three reasonable, but different,… Read more


With nod to paper analogues, US court tells Google to disclose private account to government

In a move that has ruffled the feathers of privacy advocates, and departs substantially from recent high-profile decisions, a US judge in Manhattan has ordered Google to turn over to federal prosecutors all contents of a Gmail account belonging to a person suspected of money laundering. The ruling, which was accompanied by a 23-page memorandum… Read more

Insurer, law firm clash over coverage after e-discovery malpractice suit settled

A professional liability insurer potentially on the hook for a $12.6 million arbitration award against one of its insureds for e-discovery-related malpractice has been told by a federal court that, if it wants to cut ties with that firm, it will have to get the approval of a jury first. OneBeacon Professional Insurance, which has… Read more