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IG disarray spells six-figure discovery sanction for lawyers in decades-old suit

In the grand scheme of things, a million bucks is just a drop in the bucket of a $4.2 billion bankruptcy tab it already owes. But for Jefferson County, Alabama, the monetary impact it stands to assume from a decades-old discovery saga is perhaps less substantial than the reputational damage that battle has caused. The county… Read more

Tips for avoiding social media trappings in your next case

Lawyers aren’t the most enthusiastic of social media users – according to the most recent ABA Legal Technology Survey Report, only 19 percent of attorneys use Twitter professionally. Unfortunately for the late adopters, their clients are furiously Tweeting and posting online, and all of that information is discoverable in many types of matters. By now,… Read more

Expert's Corner

What is a near-dupe, really?

By: Dr. Bill Dimm | CEO | Hot Neuron LLC Date: Wednesday, August 14, 2013 This article was first published at, and is republished here with the permission of its author. When you try to quantify how similar near-duplicates are, there are several subtleties that arise. This article looks at three reasonable, but different,… Read more


With effective information governance, money will be saved – the question is how much?

Back in April, Anju Khurana published a piece on outlining a methodology for comparing the various pricing models of different e-discovery vendors in an “apples to apples” way. That article was quite potent, not only for its solution and explanation, but also for highlighting such a seemingly unavoidable problem in e-discovery. Sometimes it feels… Read more

With shaming sanctions, judge delivers withering critique of modern discovery practices

Amid growing sentiment that cooperation in discovery is on the rise, and as rule changes emphasizing that merit loom, a federal judge in Cedar Rapids has delivered a lengthy, withering critique of attorney conduct that represents a sharp counterpoint to that notion. “Something is rotten, but contrary to Marcellus’ suggestion to Horatio, it’s not in… Read more